Team Health Check

Due to busy work schedules, teams very rarely get the chance to look at how they are performing. They continue to manage day to day and do not consider how they could improve their way of working and become more productive. This programme allows teams an opportunity to discuss issues they are facing in a safe environment and create an action plan to improve their productivity. This can be followed up by a Team Activity day to allow the team to work together in a fun environment.

Who is it for?

For teams who want to evaluate their working practices and investigate how to become a more cohesive and productive team.

Length of course: 2 days

Course content:
  • Setting of ground rules
  • Team analysis to understand where to focus effort to move the team forward
  • Team mission statement to create a team identity
  • Team roles to understand what part each member plays in the team
  • How to work together in conflict situations and how conflict may arise in the team
  • Team exchange process
  • Action plan to identify new working practices and processes
  • Team Activity day (brochure available on request)

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