Delegation Skills

One of the biggest challenges for any manager is to delegate tasks effectively. It is an essential skill to manage your own time and more importantly to develop others. During this programme, attendees will create a document that contains the critical elements for successful delegation in the form of a checklist to use back in the workplace. They also explore through practical exercises the impact of being flexible with their management style throughout the delegation process and what can be done to overcome any resistance to delegation.

Who is it for?

For any manager who needs to develop their people using the skills of effective delegation.

Length of course: 2 days

Course content:
  • How effective are my delegation skills?
  • What stops you delegating?
  • Identify good and poor delegating practices
  • Construct a delegation brief to define a task using SMART objective setting
  • Explore the use of the skill/will matrix to change your style
  • Use a coaching style and structure to delegate tasks to others
  • Identify the steps to successful delegation
  • Create a document to use as a checklist when delegating tasks
  • Delegation skills practice

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