MPW Learning have designed a unique Leadership programme that incorporates the more traditional methods of training delivery with the latest individual coaching techniques. Through the Leadership Pathway process an individual can not only develop their skills but deepen their learning by exploring their own individual requirements. There are three distinct stages to this process;

Stage 1: Leadership Pathway Event

A one day event where attendees are given an overview of what is expected of them during the programme and what they will be required to do at each stage. As well as completing several interactive exercises and be given feedback on their performance each participant will complete an analysis chart to highlight the areas they need to focus on during the programme. This information will be documented by MPW Learning and used in the coaching sessions to clarify any actions they need to take. Each participant will also be asked to keep a learning log of what issues they are experiencing during their development and what they plan to do to overcome the barriers. Also they will be encouraged to identify another manager to work with during the completion of their programme to enable them to support each other through the learning.

Stage 2: Individual Coaching

Each participant attends a series of up to six, one to one coaching sessions to work on the areas identified at the Leadership Pathway Event. The output of each coaching session is a documented action plan that the individual will implement between sessions back on the job and report their progress at the next session.

Stage 3: Leadership Pathway Graduation Event

Each participant delivers a presentation on their leadership journey which will include what changes they have made and the impact this has had on them and their business. A question and answer session is included after each presentation to allow clarification of content. Each participant is presented with a certificate to mark the successful conclusion of the programme. Pictures can be taken at this event for inclusion in company newsletters, magazines etc.

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